A Thoughtful Wedding
Gift For Parents

A wedding gift for parents is a way for you to say thank you on your big day. Even if your parents are not paying for the wedding, they have already done a lot for you during your life.

We hope to give you a few ideas as to what you can give to say thanks, but as with any type of wedding gift don't feel you have to work within any rules.

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  • Many couples give a wedding album as a wedding gift for parents. Choose photos that you think they would like, and put them in a nice album.

  • A digital picture frame (below) is a nice, sentimental gift. Load it with your favorite photos from over the years.

  • You can't go wrong with sending your parents on a trip like at their favorite beach resort, or even a weekend at a bed and breakfast. There are many travel websites that offer great deals on all types of travel, or check with a local travel agent.

  • If Dad is into golf, buy him a round or two at his favorite golf course. Or, get him those new golf clubs he has had his eye on for awhile.

  • A spa day is a nice way to say thank you. This can be combined with Dad's round of golf for Mom, or you could get them a couple’s massage.

  • Jewelry is an option that is usually well received. A necklace or earrings for Mom, and a watch or cuff links for Dad will be something that they can wear long after the wedding.

  • If your parents are into collectables like art, sports memorabilia or antiques, consider giving them an item to add to their collection.

  • There are several sentimental gifts that you could give your parents. A poem that you write mounted with your childhood photos is sure to bring a tear to their eye. There are a few things that can be personalized with your heart-felt message like handkerchiefs and plaques.

  • If Dad is a cigar smoker, a nice box of premium cigars with a bottle of his favorite Scotch would be a great gift. Wine can also be a great gift for both parents.

  • A day of shopping for Mom can be fun for both of you. Take her to her favorite shopping places, and finish the day with lunch or dinner.

  • If Dad is the practical type, consider giving him a tool for his workshop or shed. While it may seem boring to you, many Dad's would be thrilled to receive this type of gift.