Wedding Gift For Moving Bride

by Diamond

I am the bride, and I will be getting married in America and leaving to live in Africa. I won't need to take furniture with me, just my clothing.

What kind of wedding gifts can I get from my guests?

Our Thoughts

Dear Diamond,

Wow, you are going to have an exciting year! Congratulations on your wedding, as well as, moving to Africa. Sounds like you will have your hands full - not your suitcases so much though!

Though it is never polite to ask for or expect a monetary or cash wedding gift at your wedding, it seems that in this case it would be the best gift for you and your new husband. With that said, how do you go about doing this?

You can create a wedding website for your RSVP'd guests that very politely states your current situation without overtly asking for money. Most guests will understand your situation and choose to give cash, check or gift card.

I would also include on your wedding website a forwarding address to where you are going to reside or a state side address, perhaps a parent's address, for those who do want to send you a formal wedding gift. You could also ask that in lieu of a gift that your guests make a donation in your name to support an African organization or charity.

An example of a possible website message:

The Couple regrets to announce that they will not be able to provide transportation for any gifts at the wedding ceremony or the reception due to the fact that they will be relocating shortly after the wedding event to Africa. Please send any gifts to (your home address) prior to or following the wedding. Thank You so kindly for all of your love and support in making our big day a great success! Your presence with us on our magical day is truly a gift within itself.


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