Wedding Gift For Impromptu Wedding

A co-worker's daughter announced that her wedding will be in two weeks at the local courthouse. Only immediate family will be invited.

Should we give a gift and if so what type of gift? There is no gift registry and they have lived together for two years.

Our Thoughts

If you are invited to attend a wedding event, regardless of the size or level of event, you should bring the happy new couple a wedding gift.

If there is no wedding registry, then a monetary gift would be the most sensible to give, but you could also give gift certificates to one of their favorite stores.

Other options include nice gift baskets full of wine, fruit and cheese or something more personal like a beautiful crystal vase or silver tray with their names and wedding date engraved into the piece as a keepsake.

The bottom line is, never show up without a gift to a wedding, and you can never go wrong with giving cash as a wedding gift.


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