Show Gratitude With A
Wedding Gift For Groomsmen

A wedding gift for groomsmen is your chance to say Thank You to the men of your wedding party. They have been through it all - the bachelor party, the rehearsal, making sure they walk in a straight line down the isle while seating guests...

OK, so maybe their job isn't the toughest, but they mean a lot to you. They deserve a nice gift for looking so good in your wedding day photos and being there for you when you needed them.

You can go the traditional route when choosing a gift, or you can be a little creative and unique.

As with any type of gift, think about their hobbies and interests. Buy your groomsmen something that they need and enjoy rather than just giving them a gift just for the sake of giving them a gift.

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Below are some ideas for a wedding gift for groomsmen.

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  • The traditional groomsmen gifts are very much an option. Cuff links (below), flasks and watches are all very nice gifts, and you can have them personalized with their initials or name.

  • If your groomsmen are avid golfers, think of giving them a round of golf at their favorite course. Golf clubs and all other golf accessories make great gifts as well.

  • For the sports or entertainment minded groomsmen, tickets to a sporting event or concert are excellent gifts.

  • If your groomsmen have a favorite drink, like beer or martinis, give them a bar-related gift. Examples include a martini set with glasses and shaker, a beer stein from Germany, a beer home-brewing kit, a personalized neon sign for their bar at home and monthly wine clubs.

  • Texas Holdem has become very popular. Poker sets make a fun gift for the gambling groomsmen in your party.

  • For the cigar smokers in your crowd, you can't go wrong with giving cigars or related accessories as a gift. Smoking accessories include a humidor to store his cigars, Zippo lighters, cutters and travel cigar holders.

  • For the traveling groomsman, luggage and other travel gear make a nice gift.