Wedding First Dance

When do you usually do the first dance? Before eating or after?

Our Thoughts

Traditionally the first dance is performed directly upon your entrance into your wedding reception, prior to sitting down to eat. In recent years though I have seen couples choose to place the first dance and other traditional pageantry for the evening at other slots in their reception time line.

Some client's have moved their first dance until just after the first appetizers are served so everyone has had a little something to eat. Others decided to have their first dance right after the main course is completed to kick off the first big dance set of the evening.

It really is your day and you should design it how you would like the evening to flow.

Just a little word of advice. Try not to interrupt the evening too much during the night since it does create a break in the flow of your wedding reception.

Try to group your small ceremonies together, like your first dance, parents dances along with blessing close behind that, so you do not have your DJ or band constantly asking everyone to stop their conversations or dance groove.

You want the evening to flow seamlessly so your guests go away thinking your wedding was one amazing event!


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