Wedding After Party

by Lee
(London Canada)

We're hosting a wedding and dinner in Las Vegas, and then heading to a pub for an informal get-together. How do we politely tell our guests that we are not paying for the wedding after party (drinks etc.) at the pub?

Your advice would be appreciated!

Our Thoughts

It should never be assumed that the bridal couple is picking up everything at a destination wedding event, though we know there are some guests like this out there.

For a destination wedding it is always a nice idea to create a small, to-the-point welcome letter to all of your arriving guests to be handed out be the hotel upon check-in. You can also post the welcome letter on your wedding website a couple weeks before your wedding day.

The welcome letter should include a loose itinerary of the weekend's events in which you can include an invite for everyone to the Wedding After Party. Come up with a politically correct phrase as a way of letting everyone know it will be a serve-yourself cash bar finale bash!

This will be a great tool for getting everyone where they need to go that weekend on time and take some of the pressure off of you both when it comes to financial hot topics. Have a great time in Vegas!

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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