6 Tips About
Used Wedding Dresses

Where do all of the used wedding dresses go? Some brides get very attached to their dress, have them preserved and wait to show their daughters one day.

Other brides, however, have a different perspective and choose to sell their used gowns. This can be a good thing for you because there are some really good reasons why you should consider buying a used dress.

Listed below are six tips to help you get started.

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Stay On Budget

Choosing a used dress can help keep your expenses down and on budget. We all know (or you soon will) that planning a wedding can get very expensive very quickly.

You may find yourself looking for ways to trim some expenses from your budget. So, if going over budget is a concern and you don't want to or can't cut from other areas of your wedding consider going with a used gown.

The best part is you will save money and no one has to know about it. Just because a dress is used doesn't mean it isn't in great shape without damage.

Do It For The Environment

Everywhere you look these days everyone is talking about going green. Buying a used gown is your chance to get in on the action and help to save the environment.

Think about how many thousands of dresses are manufactured each year. It may not seem like much, but every little bit counts.

Get A Nicer Dress

So you have champagne taste on a beer budget. You want to wear a fancy, expensive designer dress, but you don't want to spend $10,000 on the dress.

Well, used wedding dresses might make it a little more reasonable for you and allow you to get into a dress that was out of reach when new.

Used Wedding DressesWedding Dress

Something Unique

Not all used dresses are modern. Vintage wedding dresses are a hot wedding planning trend, and it is a unique option to the everyday modern wedding dress.

If you are looking for a way to stand out, this might be the option for you. Just make sure your groom and the bridal party matches your style.

Where To Find One

The Internet is a great resource for finding used wedding dresses. There are many small businesses that specialize in the exchange of wedding dresses, but you may need to shop around to find a good one.

Always do a lot of research on your chosen supplier. Check with the Better Business Bureau, and also visit online forums to locate references.

EBay can also be a great resource. You may have to do a little searching, but many people turn to them because they are trusted and everyone knows what to expect.

You will also want to check your local area for consignment shops and other used clothing stores. Try visiting wealthier areas to find the best selection.

Should You Sell Your Dress?

Selling your wedding dress can be a tough consideration. Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, and you will probably want to cherish it forever.

The reality is that some brides think this way, but after the wedding their dress is cleaned, put in a box and never taken out again.

If you don't have a strong sentimental bond with your dress, you may be a candidate for selling your dress after your wedding. Just make sure to shop around and get the best money available for your dress.