Steampunk Wedding Theme

by Julianne
(San Antonio, TX)

Ok, so everything is basically planned for our wedding but what to do about reception entertainment! Our steampunk wedding theme falls into the year of 1880 to 1900.

Any ideas on either music selection, or if I should go for a band?

Our Thoughts

Dear Julianne,

First let me say Bravo for being an offbeat bridal couple! I LOVE a good Steampunk wedding theme! They are so much fun, especially if everyone really gets into it with you.

When it comes to music for your reception, the greatest thing about your theme is that you can make it truly yours and go as crazy or as tame as you want since you are diving into a very different and unique style altogether.

I have run some Steampunk events where they choose to go with more Indie themed music for the reception utilizing a DJ. This worked well since that was something that was very influential during the Victorian time period.

You can go in a more classical direction and hire only a string quartet for the evening. If you go with a band you can also introduce some punk style music just because you can and really kick up the party.

Really think about what you want to hear on the dance floor for your wedding event and really run with it - own it as you are in your theme.

Please email us some photos of the event! I am sure they will be magnificently Steampunk!


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