5 Budding Ideas For
Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring wedding flowers are a sign that winter has ended and the spring wedding season is upon us. It is a great season to get married for many reasons, and the selection of flowers available to you is at the top of the list.

May and June are the prime spring wedding season months which offer some colorful options for flowers. We always recommend working with wedding professionals, so don't hesitate to rely on a good florist to match up flowers of the season with your chosen colors or wedding theme.

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There is a wide selection of flowers to choose from for spring, but we were able to narrow down our list to the top 5 choices below.


Most commonly found in red, yellow, purple and white varieties, tulips are probably the most common of all spring flowers for weddings. Use a single color or multiple different colors in bouquets and centerpieces to create a stunning, colorful effect.

Spring Wedding Flowers - TulipTulip


There are many different, colorful varieties of lilies to choose from. Beautiful shades of purple, pink, yellow and white are popular favorites to include in your arrangements.

Spring Wedding Flowers - LilyLily


Purple is a popular choice for hyacinth, however they can be found in white, pink and even red. They have a great aroma making them the perfect choice for your centerpieces and other reception decorations.

Spring Wedding Flowers - HyacinthHyacinth


Coming in white, yellow, pink or a combination of colors, dogwood is a great accent flower that can be combined with other flowers.

Spring Wedding Flowers - DogwoodDogwood


These bright, yellow flowers are one of the first flowers of the season to bloom making them readily available for spring weddings. They are pretty enough to stand on their own or in combination with other flowers.

Spring Wedding Flowers - DaffodilDaffodil