Small Wedding Ideas
For An Intimate Affair

For a more intimate event, consider small wedding ideas. While the trend for weddings is bigger is better, there are still some great reasons for a small wedding.

Perhaps you have already had the big 250 person wedding the first time around. Or, maybe you don't have the budget or don't like the idea of a huge wedding event.

Keep in mind that not everyone likes the idea of a small wedding. Sometimes parents and loved ones imagine your big day to be exactly that - a huge event with all the glitz, glamour and relatives you have never heard of. Try not to let this change your thinking.

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4 Reasons To Have A Small Wedding

  • Small wedding ideas require less planning which hopefully means less stress.

  • They let you spend more time with your guests. Many times at large wedding receptions couples spend the entire time trying to talk to all of their guests, or they end up feeling bad that they didn't talk to some of the guests at all.

  • Having a small wedding can definitely cost less than a larger wedding event.

  • You just don't want to have a large wedding.

  • They allow you to spend a little more money on the important things like food, gifts and your honeymoon.
Whatever the reason, small wedding ideas allow flexibility and uniqueness that isn't possible with a larger wedding. That means you have some unique wedding planning options.

Location Ideas

  • A Bed and Breakfast or Inn is the perfect small wedding idea for a location. Options for the ceremony and reception include inside rooms or dining halls, small tents on the grounds and gardens on the property.

  • Historic locations like museums, old mills and castles offer the perfect backdrop for a small wedding.

  • Your house or the house of a friend can work. Just make sure that you have the proper space and facilities available.

  • Public parks and gardens in the spring, summer or fall offer beautiful surroundings for a wedding.

  • Many restaurants can accommodate small wedding parties, so see if your favorite dining establishment offers wedding packages

  • Spend a weekend away with a destination wedding. Options include island resorts, lake or river houses, beach houses, Las Vegas and any other location where guests can stay for a few days.

  • Head to Las Vegas and get married with Elvis or at a drive through wedding chapel.

  • A wedding cruise on a small yacht or boat with a few guests can be elegant and charming.

  • Many vineyards and wineries offer their wine cellars for events.

  • Very unique small wedding locations include a bridal cave, haunted houses, old prisons and train stations.

Making Your Small Wedding Unique

  • For entertainment consider a small trio, quartet or other entertainer that fits your wedding theme like bagpipes or harps.

  • Consider buying favors that are a little more meaningful since your guests will be close family and friends.

  • Wedding themes fit in nicely with small wedding ideas, and they are easier to put together than larger weddings.

  • Instead of a large wedding cake, get creative with your dessert. Go with a small wedding cake instead. An additional idea is to offer small, retro novelty desserts like key mini lime pie, pecan pie and strawberry hortcake.

  • For the ceremony allow more than one or two of your guests to read a passage or other reading. This is a great way to get more people involved in your small wedding.

  • Think of something unique for your ceremony like a butterfly release. Hand out a butterfly to each guest, and when you are ready have everyone release them at the same time.

  • At the reception have board games and other fun activities for your guests to enjoy at the tables.

Small weddings can be a lot of fun and a lot less stress than larger weddings. If this sounds good to you, maybe you should consider having a small wedding.