Sight Impaired Wedding Planning

by Caryn
(Lincoln Park Michigan USA)

My future daughter in law is sight impaired and can only see maybe a foot in front of her. She has no idea of what her wedding could be plus we are working with a very limited wedding budget.

I’m so stressed out please help me.....thank you.

Our Thoughts

First let me say congratulations Caryn on your son's wedding! How wonderful to hear from a mom of the groom that is obviously involved in and caring about the wedding planning process.

A couple of years ago I was hired to plan an event for a family that had a degenerative eye disease. Both the mother of the bride and the bride were slowly losing their ability to see and the worst part of the day for them was dusk and evening.

Even though they were losing their sight, it did not impair their ideas and plans for the wedding. The bride was quite traditional in design, nothing too bright and everything was elegant and tastefully done.

With that said, I would simply discuss with your son and soon-to-be-daughter what their ideas for their wedding are. Do they want a theme to the season or just a modern color schematic like hot pink and teals, for example?

Help be their eyes for their wedding and explain everything that is going on around them. Accentuate the details like food choice and the cake tasting for their wedding reception since it is all about the sense of taste and smell and not just sight.

Also make sure that there is plenty of lighting at dusk and in the evening so that she can enjoy her big day as much as possible.

Here is to a fantastic event!


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