Renewing Wedding Vows

by Desiree
(Dallas, TX)

Hi There,

My husband I got married last year at the court house before our son was born, and we still want to have a wedding ceremony. What are our options? Is it ok to have a wedding ceremony if we are already married?

Our Thoughts

Dear Desiree,

Of course you can still have a wedding ceremony and reception too! There is no etiquette that states that since you were married quietly at the local court house that you now can’t party it up and have the event you really wanted the first time around.

Here is an idea to possibly save you a little money. When looking at spaces to hold the event (or any wedding vendor really), you can tell them that this is just a celebration of your marriage, not a wedding, but a renewal of your marriage.

Sometimes you can get better plate price per person since you are not actually getting married, but just renewing your vows and commitment to one another.

Remember to include your son this time around since he is such an important part of your married life. What fun he will have with mom and dad as the star of the show!


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