Picking Wedding Colors

by Chelsea Dagger
(Long beach, CA, USA)

I would like to say I dance to another beat to the drums. I want a traditional/off-beat wedding. Best of both worlds I would like to call it so would red, purple and black be too much for a wedding?

If not how can I use them together and not make it look tacky?

Our Thoughts

When it comes to wedding event design nothing is too much in today's world. It has been so exciting that couples are truly expressing their personal style and not following a cookie cutter design style of the past.

As we have previously stated in past answers, you must have one color be your hero. Let your black take center stage and use purple and red as highlights or splashes of color throughout your event.

Use black as your base in napkins, floral arrangements, cake design, linens, etc., and add purples and reds as your accent colors. The most important thing is to grab on with both hands and own the color design in your event. And have fun!

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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