Pearl Or Diamond Wedding Jewelry

by Stacy
(Chicago, Illinois)

Would it be better to wear pearl or diamond jewelry with my all white, strapless lace dress and daisy themed wedding?

Our Thoughts

The simple answer is that wearing either pearls or diamonds is OK for a white dress and daisy theme. It would be great if you could actually post a photo of your dress here or even a link to your dress online so we could see what it looks like.

There are a couple things to consider when choosing your wedding jewelry. First, you may be more comfortable wearing one or the other, or you may prefer one over the other.

Often jewelry is passed down from a parent or grandparent for use as wedding jewelry. If this is the case, and you like the jewelry, the answer is pretty easy.

If you are buying jewelry for your wedding day, go with what feels comfortable and looks the best with your gown. Both pearls and diamonds are traditional wedding jewelry, so you really can’t go wrong with either.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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