Paying For Wedding Reception

Does the groom or brides family pay for alcohol at the wedding reception?

Our Thoughts

Traditional wedding etiquette says that the bride’s family typically pays for the wedding reception, including alcohol if it is being served. However, today’s weddings don’t always follow strict etiquette, and there really isn’t one general rule to follow.

Alcohol is often combined with and paid for by whoever is covering the expenses for your wedding reception. If alcohol is a separate expense for your wedding meal and not included in the per plate fee you are being charged, then there is opportunity for someone to pick up the alcohol tab separately.

It really comes down to who is paying for your wedding reception (or it could be that you are paying for your own wedding) and what expenses they are willing or able to cover. Talk with this person or people (or your fiancé), and find out what their comfort level is when it comes to picking up the expenses for your big day.


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