Parents Guest List For Wedding

If the bride and groom are hosting the wedding, who can the parents invite as wedding guests?

Our Thoughts

To begin, I would suggest making a grand "wish" list of guests of both the bridal couple’s friends and family as well as including the parent’s friends. Then see what numbers you come up with.

Then start narrowing the list down with who you both really would love to be with you on your special day. Do not rule out the idea of including some of your parents list of good friends and family.

Though it is your wedding, you are their children and I am sure they are so proud and excited to share the day with some of their closest friends as well. It is a celebration for all to enjoy.

Lastly, if their list is out of control to the point it will hurt your pocketbook and costing too much, it is totally acceptable to suggest that if they want these people to join in on your special day that they pay for their plate cost, plus tax to help make it happen.

That suggestion may help them reconsider who is really important and who can sit this one out.


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