Outside Wedding Venue

by Tammie Hopson
(Naples, Florida)

I am choosing a costly outdoor wedding venue. I have learned that they will hold an event a month prior to my wedding date in which the garden area grass gets destroyed.

I have actually seen for myself the condition of the grass as I have recently visited my venue following the said event and it was in fact destroyed. They have verbally told that they will have the grass restored and in good condition by my wedding date, however, I am a little concerned about it.

Should I have a clause added to my contract in which they put it in writing to have the grounds in good condition and if so what exactly should the clause state?

Our Thoughts

You should absolutely have a clause amending your contract that would include that they have promised to make "good" on the grass. Having seen this ourselves many times in running outdoor wedding events, the grass takes a huge beating.

We typically tell clients who get married in tents on a private estate that it will take a good year for the grass to come back.

It also depends on the month. If you get some good rain between the events, the grass will definitely look better, but if you have a dry, hot month, the grass will look a lot worse.

Hopefully they will re-sod the tented area to help give the space a professional finished look for your event. I would contact a good lawyer or event planner to help you come up with the best proposed language for the contract negotiation.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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