Mutual Best Friend Getting Married

My wife and I have a mutual best friend (groom.). My wife and I do not know any of the brides friends or family and my wife will not know anybody at the wedding except for the grooms side of the family (who will be sitting at the table were the grooms family will be seated).

Also, any friends that my wife and I know (grooms friends) are single males. My wife will feel very uncomfortable sitting around a table full of single guys(who may or may not bring their girlfriend).

Before my wife and I got married and before dating when we were all friends all of the grooms (single) friends would be hanging out and swarm my girlfriend (now wife) when we went out. How to address the situation?

Also, what is my wife suppose to do when I (part of wedding party) has to go and take pictures? Also, they are getting married in a big heavily congested city (no real parking at the church so people have to go in shuttles) so I do not want my wife trying to keep up by herself.

Our Thoughts

The best policy in this situation is to be honest with your hosts about your concerns. We get this question a lot today from worried party members and for the most part the Bride and Groom completely understand and tend to have no issues including your wife either on the shuttle or with seating her with you for the event.

If the shuttle is full, which it can be, then have her follow in your car or pay for a taxi. Ask if it is ok to have your wife hang out in the background while photos are being taken.

One more person will not make a difference since the bride and groom take so many photos they would not even notice her there. And there is a lot of down time for the party so you will get to spend some time with your wife while waiting for your turn.

Just make sure that when it is time to be a part of the wedding party that you tend to your responsibilities. The Bride and Groom chose you to share in their special day, so you do have to make sure to make them feel loved and special too.

Warmly, Danielle

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