Mother of the Groom Dress

by Paulette
(Ottawa, Ontario,Canada)

The mother of the bride insists that it is now the style for both mothers to dress almost identically.

We now each have a dress of the same color, same chiffon fabric from the same collection. Both are strapless and flowing with beading and brooch on the bodice. At first glance it will seem to everyone that we are wearing almost the same identical dress.

Is this really the latest style or do I have the right to be slightly miffed? I totally agree in color coordinating the mothers' dresses, but should they be nearly identical?

Our Thoughts

Dear Paulette,

To be perfectly honest this is not a new trend that I have heard of at all and I am as miffed as you are.

It is traditional for both Mothers, if they choose, to compliment the style and possibly the color of their gowns. But it is not typical to have identical dresses for the wedding.

It is also traditional and wedding etiquette for the Mother of the Bride to choose her gown first, then the Mother of the Groom to choose next. The dresses again can compliment one another

Each dress should be able to stand out on its own and should not clash with the other so that each gown can shine on the big day.

If you are happy with the dress you have already chosen, then try to add accessories to make it fit your personality and style. If you are really not comfortable with wearing the dress you initially selected, hopefully it isn’t too late (or costly) to make a last minute change.


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