Mackinac Island
Beach Wedding Question

by Elizabeth Perfect
(Brighton, MI)

My boyfriend and I are hoping to have our wedding on the beach at Mackinac Island, MI. We've looked everywhere about information on how to go about doing this but all we can find are things about getting married at the Grand Hotel and the historic chapel.

I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to have a beach wedding on Mackinac Island, and if so, who would I contact about getting permission to do so? Do I even need special permission to do this?

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Many towns require a permit to have weddings and other events in public places. If you just want to get married on the beach and not in one of the hotels, chapels, etc. your best starting place is to call the town hall or the mayor’s office.

Ask them if it is possible to get married on the beach and what permits would be needed.

A second option would be to contact a wedding planner that specializes in weddings on the island. She/he will most likely know what is required, and even if you have to contract with them for a few hours of their time it will be money well spent to avoid any complications on your wedding day.

To Your Wedding!
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Beach Wedding Question

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Wedding on Mackinac Island Beach
by: Paul Retherford

The Hotel Iroquois has a beach on Mackinac Island and makes a great location to get married. To be honest, there aren't a lot of beaches on Mackinac Island, most of the water area is rock, lots of pebble. There are a lot of options near the water but not necessarily on the beach too. You can get some ideas by checking out my Wedding Photography at

You can also contact the Mackinac Island Visitor Bureau at

Best of luck!
Paul Retherford

I Hope This Helps
by: Anonymous

If you are looking for an actual Sandy Beach Wedding Pictured Rocks has some of the most beautiful Beaches in Michigan it is $100.00 for a Permit and then all you have to do is find someone to marry you, If you realy want a Mackinac Island Wedding, Mission Point Does a GREAT Job My Mom just got Married there a week ago but it is a little pricey and there are mainly Rock Beaches on the Island.

I hope this helped.

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