Last Minute Wedding Guests

by Kristin

Is it rude to invite guest three weeks away from the wedding? We had to invite family to keep the peace but many are not coming

Is it ok to call and invite additional people.

Our Thoughts

In the past people have thought it not proper etiquette to extend such a late invite to guests who originally did not make the “A” list, but today things have changed quite a bit.

I think that if you have the seats available and need to meet a minimum plate count with your catering or wedding reception space, that it is perfectly acceptable to extend more invites to your wedding.

You can do this easily by picking up the phone. Hearing a welcoming voice is a much better route than impersonal email, but I would also strongly recommend sending them a formal wedding invitation (if possible) after the conversation to make them feel truly included.

Also keep in mind that people, unless told prior, will know that they are considered the “B” listers. This may be upsetting to some that weren’t aware of their place on your guest list, but in the end if they show it will be just a blip on the map and they will be so touched to have been included on such a BIG day for you both.


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