Janice and William

by Janice
(Bethesda, MD)

Beach where we got engaged

Beach where we got engaged

We are high school sweethearts and have known each other for 11 years. We started dating in high school, and after college we met up again. The relationship grew from there, and here we are!

We were recently in Miami in March on vacation. We went walking on the beach to watch the sunset, and that is when he asked me to marry him. It couldn?t have been a more perfect scenario!

We are getting married on September 18, 2010 in my parent?s backyard. They have a little over 2 acres of land, and we are having an outdoor wedding complete with a tent.

We haven't really chosen a theme yet, but I am thinking that our wedding color might be sage green or orange and chocolate.

For our honeymoon we really want to go to Hawaii since neither of us have ever been there.

It seems like there is sooo much to do, but I am going to try to start early and get a jump on things. It seems like a long time until September 2010, but I know it is going to fly by!

I added a photo taken of the beach just after he asked me to marry him. We are planning on getting engagement photos taken, and we can send you one of those once we have them.

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