Inviting Friends To Sons Wedding

Our son says that he wants no one at the wedding that he does not know. We have friends of 30 years that he has not seen much at all and he is not allowing us to invite them - there are only 4!

We are so hurt. Is this appropriate? They have over 30 people who declined to come but we still can’t invite them!

Our Thoughts

The first thought that comes to mind is who is paying for the event? If your son and his fiancé are paying for the entire event, then sadly they have ultimate control over the guest list.

A wedding includes bringing together friends and family of whom you all have not seen in a long time to help celebrate such an important day in everyone's life. To this point, you may want to offer to pay for your four guest’s plates, including tax.

This way it does not come out of the couple's budget. In the end, as I always say, be honest with your son and let him know how hurt you are by his decision. Hopefully with being sincere about your feelings he will see your side and in the end he will have four more wedding gifts to celebrate about!


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