Inexpensive Wedding Photographer

by Kristina Beck
(Independence MO)

Hi, I am getting married June 2011. Is there a way too look around for wedding photographers and get the best one but for cheap.

We are kind of on a budget, and where we've been looking is still kind of out of our budget.

Our Thoughts

Dear Kristina,

The best place to locate wedding photographers, other than using a wedding planner, would be the internet. There are many wedding websites that offer searches on any type of wedding vendors, especially photography.

Most sites will give you an estimate of their service cost and most typically meet all types of budgets. If you are looking for a higher end wedding photographer, but have a lower budget, you can simply call the photographer you are interested in and let them know what your budget is – give them your bottom line.

Sometimes they run specials or can give you an hourly cost for your day and you can determine how many hours you can afford and what you truly want covered.

Another suggestion also would be to visit your local community college if they have a photography department and put an inquiry into anyone who may be interested in shooting your wedding for a low cost. Students are eager for work and would love to expand their portfolio.

There is some real up and coming talent out there if you are willing to take some time and look at their current work. I wish you all the best!


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