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I started a new job and got engaged recently, and my new co-workers know I am planning a wedding. I don't feel comfortable inviting them to the wedding, because there isn't a true relationship.

How can they be involved? Some co-workers offered to host a bridal shower. But is it tacky to have a bridal shower with people who are not invited to the wedding?

Our Thoughts

Many people face the decision of whether to invite coworkers or not, especially if they have been working somewhere for a long time. It really depends on your wedding budget and desire to have coworkers at your wedding.

There comes a time when you have to cut your guest list off, and many times co-workers do not make the final cut. In your case, it is perfectly OK to not invite coworkers, and they probably don’t expect to be invited.

It is a very nice gesture of them to throw you an office bridal shower if they want. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should feel obligated to invite them to your wedding.

If you want, you can bring up the subject during a casual conversation. Simply say that it was a tough decision, but you and your fiancé decided not to invite coworkers due to the size of your wedding, budget, etc.

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