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My son is getting married in the bride's home town. There are a few food items that are unique to our area, and have become traditional fare for birthdays, celebrations, or just special family times.

In addition, there is a state university to which our family has an abnormal loyalty! (all in good fun). The rehearsal dinner is going to be quite a party; over 100 guests, historical location, top notch caterer, etc. (this is my first wedding as a mother of somebody, in case you can't tell).

I guess I was all too eager to please and said yes! yes! yes! to the blessed couple's special requests! My questions are:

Can I forgo a grooms cake (no one eats it anyway!), and instead bring in our favorite ice cream (Graeter's blackberry chocolate chip), and serve buckeyes (for Ohio State), along with a variety of mini cheese cake bites (my son looovvveeeessss cheesecake) w/out committing a major faux pas for this traditional, southern wedding?

There was considerable input from the bride and groom for the majority of the dinner (and I was truly glad for it!) but she's so overwhelmed right now that she would politely say "sure!" to anything I said at this point.

Her mom and I are buddies and she's all for "whatever you want". I can get a lovely, smallish, buckeye shaped cake and eliminate the ice cream (cost prob about the same), but keep the cheese cake and buckeye candies, if that would be the best approach.

I have no motive other than I really want this to be something memorable for both of them, in a good way! And I want it to be everything my lovely d-i-l dreamed of as a little girl!!

I'd so appreciate your thoughts! thank you!

Our Thoughts

It is really nice to see that you are so excited about your son’s wedding! You have some great ideas, and as you mentioned the rehearsal dinner sounds like it will be quite a party (which it should be!).

The biggest thing to remember, which you mention above, is that your son and soon to be daughter-in-law are happy. I think it is a great idea to include some of your hometown favorites at the rehearsal dinner as this is a great way to share what is important to your son with the rest of the guests.

You are throwing the rehearsal dinner, so the ultimate decision is up to you especially since it sounds like the bride’s family is OK with your decisions. If you are concerned about making sure everyone is happy and not offending anyone, add a little something from both families.

For example, you can go with the ice cream, buckeyes and throw in a local southern tradition. That way it is a true blending of both families.

The grooms cake is most often served at the wedding reception, so it can be served along with the traditional wedding cake if the happy couple really wants one. Also, the great thing about a grooms cake is that it can be anything, including a cheesecake.


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