Greeting Wedding Guests

by Cheryl
(Gassville, AR USA)

We are having an informal open house wedding celebration at our home between 4:00 and 8:00 pm, and my husband to be wants us to stand at the front door to greet all the wedding guests. Is this protocol?

Our Thoughts

In a traditional wedding event, your Groom is correct that it is customary to have the bridal couple and family greet their guests in a formal receiving line.

However, since you are hosting an informal wedding (open house style specifically) you do not have to stand at the door and greet all of your wedding guests as they arrive. You would be standing there the entire time and miss out on all the fun going on inside.

I had a client do this type of event a year ago and they greeted their guests in the front for about 20/30 minutes and then they went in and joined their party. Since the event is an open house, that tells your guests that they can come and help you both celebrate anywhere between 4 to 8PM.

There is no formal arrival or departure, so it is safe to say, go and enjoy the time inside with your guests. The time will fly and you do not want to miss a moment being caught up in the formality of it.


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