Destination Wedding Gifts

We are flying from Canada to Mexico to attend a destination wedding. What is expected in regards to a wedding gift?

The trip is rather expensive, but we also don't want to appear cheap.

Our Thoughts

Destination weddings can be costly and etiquette states that wedding gifts are not a requirement. However, in my opinion it would be considerate to still buy the bridal couple a gift even though you are spending a large amount of money to attend.

Many times couples who are having a destination wedding will let their guests know that their presence is more than enough and additional wedding gifts are not necessary.

If this is not the case for you, consider getting them a small gift. If money is tight one suggestion is to not spend as much money as you would spend if the event was not a destination.

Perhaps there are other guests that might want to chip in towards getting the couple a massage or other activity at the resort of their wedding or honeymoon. Another option is a gift certificate to the couple’s favorite store or where they have a registry.

Have a blast and enjoy the mini-vacation!


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