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I am having a destination wedding in the British Virgin Islands on the beach, and I am having the rehearsal dinner on the beach and it is casual.

How do I describe what the guests are supposed to wear? "Beach Casual"?

I want the men to wear slacks and a shirt and the women to wear a skirt or dress. The wedding ceremony will also be on the beach but more dressy.

Again what do I say to the guests? Cocktail attire?

Many thanks,

Our Thoughts

We love this question since we had a destination wedding ourselves in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic several years ago. Below are a few ideas for both your wedding day and for an informal rehearsal dinner.

You may also want to have a wedding website where you can to keep all the information readily available for your destination wedding guests. Include an explanation of what your preference is for guest wedding attire in your own words.

Everyone may have a different interpretation of what you describe, so be as detailed as you think you need to be to get your point across. You can even post a few photos of what you consider appropriate attire for the rehearsal dinner and wedding event.

Rehearsal Dinner:

• Beachwear Chic: Sundresses, slacks & polos

• Casual Beachware or Casual Attire: Flip flops paired with informal but wedding appropriate wear like sundresses and khakis with linen shirts.

• Island Festive or Festive Attire: Sundresses & island shirts - slacks to shorts

Wedding Event:

• Formal Beachwear or Beachwear Formal: For an elegant beach wedding; it implies colorful semi-formal dresses and summer suits

• Cocktail Attire: Men wear suits - tie or sport coat without tie - Woman wear a cocktail dress

Have a beachy time!!

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen.

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