Add Color and Beauty With A
Daisy Theme Wedding Idea

A daisy theme wedding idea is a fun way to bring color to your late spring or summer wedding. There are many flowers to choose from for your wedding, but daisies are probably the most popular choice because they are easy to find and they come in several bright colors.

The official symbolic meaning of a daisy is innocence, loyal love and purity. Is there a more perfect flower to use as a theme for your wedding?

The most popular type of daisy for a daisy theme wedding idea include:
  • Gerber - Yellow, orange and red.

  • Shasta - White with yellow center.

  • Black Eyed Susan - Yellow with black or brown center.

  • African - Pink, purple and white.
Choose one or two colors of daisies for your wedding. Then take that color and tie it into your invitations, bridesmaid dresses, ties or vests of the groomsmen, decorations and every other aspect of your wedding.

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Listed below are ideas about how to incorporate daisies into your wedding day.


Your wedding planning all starts with invitations. Visit Daisy Wedding Invitations for some great ideas.


  • Fill small fishbowls with stones and water, take the head of one or two daisies, and float them in the fishbowls

  • Mix daisies with fruit, such as apples, oranges and lemons that compliment the colors you choose

  • Locate watering can vases or other types of unique vases, and place arrangements of daisies in them

  • Combine daisies with other seasonal flowers like roses, gladiolus or dahlia to create colorful centerpieces


  • At the church or other ceremony site, place arrangements of daisies on the pews or the first chair in each row

  • Place single daisies or just the head without the stem at the bar, place card table, favor table and other locations at your reception

  • In addition to the centerpieces, scatter daisy petals or the heads without the stems on tables at the reception

  • Have your flower girl drop small daisies or petals as she walks down the isle

  • Your cake is the perfect place to add daisies as decoration


Almost any type of wedding favor can be daisy themed. Here are a few ideas:
  • Daisy shaped cookies

  • Favor boxes filled with candy that are decorated with daisies

  • Place card holders

  • Daisy floating candles

  • Plantable seed favors shaped like daisies

  • Grow daisies in small pots (or buy them from a florist), and them give as favors

As with any part of your wedding, don’t be afraid to get creative. Try to come up with unique ways to incorporate daisies into your wedding theme.