Color Wedding Theme

by Kathy
(North Carolina)

I have a knack for planning parties, so I am helping my daughter plan her wedding. I have come up with several possible themes for her to consider, but she insists that she doesn't want any kind of theme.

I understand that she doesn't want it to be too "cute", but I'm afraid that in trying to avoid a theme it will end up being really boring or very haphazard. She wants her ceremony colors to be only green and white, with any metallic accents to be silver, as the rings will be white gold.

She wants to introduce pink, orange and yellow (probably through gerbera daisies, but maybe roses) at the reception. They are planning an evening wedding with a dinner reception, fairly formal, and (surprisingly) quite traditional.

I think she is striving for "simple and elegant". The groom hates wine and the beach, so those are both out as a featured motif. His passion is hockey (which they will acknowledge with a hockey groom cake-topper and a hockey-themed groom's cake); her signature interests are music and frogs, but she wants to steer clear from incorporating them.

Any suggestions?

Our Thoughts

There are many different types of themes to consider, including a theme based on one or more colors. A color wedding theme sounds like it may be a great option for your daughter’s big day.

Based on the colors you mentioned it sounds like your daughter will get married in the spring or summer? If so, you could go with hotter shades of pink, orange and yellow which have become very popular.

Use your chosen colors in all aspects of the wedding day. The bridesmaid dresses, flowers, centerpieces, cake, table linens, decorations and favors can all use your chosen colors to create a beautiful wedding day.

Fruit can also be added as an accessory to centerpieces and other reception decorations. For example, use green apples or grapes in centerpieces and other decorations.

Lemons and limes are other popular fruit that look great in the base of hurricane vases for floral centerpieces.

If you approach it as just using colors in her wedding, she may not even realize that she is using a wedding theme when she really is!

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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