8 Tips For Church Wedding Decorations

Church wedding decorations can be an essential part of your wedding ceremony. It is your chance to set the tone for your wedding, and they can help to liven up an otherwise dull looking church.

Selecting a church to get married in can be easy if you have a church that you attend and know that you want to get married there. If you don't attend church regularly, you will probably have to do some homework to find a church that meets your faith and style requirements.

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Make sure you start your search early and reserve your day well in advance. Popular churches are known to fill up fast, so plan ahead to avoid missing out on your first choice of church and wedding day.

When choosing a church you are also choosing a priest, minister or other holy person to marry you. If you don't already have a relationship with a church, you will also want to try to talk to the person who will be there on your wedding day to get an idea of his or her ceremony style and personality.

Once you have your church picked out you can then turn to figuring out what church wedding decorations you will be using.

Here are 8 tips for church wedding decorations to help get you started:

  • Check with your church to find out what rules they have about decorations. Some churches allow decorations, and others have very strict rules about what decorations can be used.

  • Visit your church prior to making any final decorating plans. Take note of the layout, color and decor of the altar, pews and general areas. Match your wedding colors with the flowers and other decorations you select.

  • Some churches don't need a lot of extra decorations. If your church has a certain charm, take advantage of it and limit any additional decorations.

  • Flowers are a popular choice for church wedding decorations. Use flowers that are in season, and try to match up your flower choices with your wedding colors.

  • Altar decorations - Flowers work well on the altar as well as candles. Use votives, tapers or pillar candles in hurricane lamps.

    The altar is also a nice place to add something in remembrance of a loved one. Place a bouquet or candle in memory of someone who has passed away and can't be there to share your special day with you.

  • Pew decorations - Bows work well by themselves or combined with flowers. Put them on each row or alternate rows, and try to match the colors with your wedding colors.

    A chair of remembrance is another chance to honor those loved ones that can't be at your wedding. Place a framed photo or bouquet on a designated chair symbolizing the person's attendance.

  • Aisle runners - Decorative aisle runners are usually white and rolled out right before the procession starts. Most churches don't allow it, but flower petals are a beautiful alternative if you can get permission.

    Take rose or other flower petals or remove the stems of daisies. Scatter the flowers all over the aisle to create a beautiful runner for you to walk down.

  • Get some help. Florists and wedding planners can be great resources to bounce ideas off of and to help you execute your decoration ideas.