Choosing My Wedding Colors and Theme

by Angie
(Burr Ridge, IL, USA)


Thank you in advance for helping me out. Your advice is much appreciated! The problem is I am a girl with an idea but I have no idea how to picture things together and how to make things flow.

I am having my wedding next July in St. Louis, MO at Windows on Washington. The venue is an old factory building that has been renovated into floors of banquet rooms and lofts. It has a modern loft like feel with some of the original work in it as well.

My particular space has cement floors when you come off the elevator, where cocktail hour is hosted, and then leads into hardwood floors for the remainder of the space. It also has floor to ceiling windows outlining the entire room, floor to ceiling white columns, and the bar is made out of original wood and has candelabras hanging from it. The entire space is lit by candles and they do provide some unique centerpieces like black metal candelabras.

So my issue is coming up with a wedding theme and colors for the space to match my style. To begin, I love black and white and love the damask print! So I definitely want that incorporated, but my sister and sister-in-law both had black bridesmaid’s dresses so I would like to do something different in that aspect.

Here is my idea, and I was hoping you could please give me some input on whether or not you think it will flow and come together.

Dresses: Deep eggplant, chiffon, and flowy

Flowers for the girls: Fushia, lime green hydrangeas, and orange (will that look okay with purple dresses?)

Tables: white linens, white chair covers, black sashes, black and white damask table runner, and an eggplant ribbon overlay on top of that.

Centerpieces: combination of some existing centerpieces that the venue provides including tall pillars with floating candles, their black candelabras, and some tables with bouquets of the 3 mentioned colors or single flowers like the lime hydrangea in fishbowls. (Will having various centerpieces look okay?)

Invitations/Programs/Thank you cards: Black and White damask print

Favors: Candy buffet with candy that is deep purple, lime green, pink, and orange + chrome and black wine bottle stoppers

Cake: All white with the orange, pink, and green flowers on top or around the base.

So that is my idea for now, and I have attached a couple pics of the space and other things to give you an idea of everything that I have in my head right now.

Any advice you could give me on my theme I have so far and the color combinations would be much appreciated!

Thanks again,
Angie W. (here is a link to the venue's photo tour to get an idea of space)

Our Thoughts

Let me start by saying what a magnificent and cool space you have chosen for your wedding event! You did great girlfriend! Love it! You are already on the right track just by choosing such a fantastic space to work with.

Here are some thoughts:

Wedding Colors

I love the idea of mixing the bright/hot color palette into the black and white theme throughout the wedding. The deep eggplant purple gowns will be stunning and though they are not black, they are along the same line but with a splash of excitement to kick things up a notch.

I love incorporating the Fuchsia's, Lime Greens and Oranges as it will help break up all the black and white of the event.

Wedding Reception Tables

Break up the all white linens and do every other table in a black/white damask or tapestry linen with or without a table runner. It will cost a little more, but it will bring in a little more of the damask pattern you love into your wedding reception and really add to the eye candy of the event space.

I noticed in the photos on their site that everyone seems to go with all white linens and the space is so big that you loose interest because they all seem to blend together. Adding more color makes the space come back into focus.

Wedding Centerpieces

I am totally on board with having different table centerpieces as well. I tell all of my client's that not every table has to be the same. That is how you add excitement and interest to your event.

One table can be considered your tall centerpiece table with their candelabras and a few small containers, loose petals or votives and a second table design can have muti-low level containers on it. This way your guest have something different all around them and that makes an event memorable.

Wedding Invitations

On your paper products such as your invitations, add some color there as well in the form of a belly band - which is simply a bright colored ribbon wrapped around the invitation. An invitation is a calling card for your event is a small way to get your guests excited to attend the event.

Wedding Cake

One last spin on your cake. I had a client do a black and white event this past year and we had the cake done in black and white damask fondant icing.

It was gorgeous and is totally screaming YOU! Maybe add a Fuchsia, Lime Green or Orange ribbon to the base of each layer and you can have a show stopping cake.

Good luck Angie and please send me some photos of your BIG day! I would love to see how everything turns out.

You are on the right track and I am sure you will have one WOW event :o) Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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