Bride and Groom Guest List

I am the father of the bride with a budget. The groom has a large family and I don't think it’s fair for him to invite more guests than I have (50 more) and expect me to pay.

How would you suggest I handle this?

Our Thoughts

As I always say, honesty is your best policy in any situation.

Please sit down with both your daughter and her fiancé and explain to them very caringly that though you are overjoyed to be able to financially afford their wedding event, you cannot afford the extra 50 guests on the groom’s side.

A suggestion would be to ask the groom’s parents to help out financially by covering these guests’ plates or perhaps the bride and groom can cover the cost of the extra guests themselves. It is not too much to ask of them if they really want to include these guests since a majority of today’s wedding events are in fact fully paid for by the bridal couple.

If either of these suggestions does not work, then they should respect your honesty and reduce their guest list accordingly to fit your budget. An intimate wedding event is still a lot of fun and so very elegant when surrounded with the closest of your family and friends.


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