Bridal Shower

by Conflicted Sister
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

My sister is getting married for first time at 43 and she has been living with her fiancé for the past 4 years. She has also been living on her own for about 20 years, so she already has accumulated 'stuff'.

Both her Matron of Honour and I see the traditional shower as a little tacky given the situation, but I have the feeling my sister wants one but will not say outright.

The current MoH is having a very small one for her up north near her cottage. My sister had a falling out with her original MoH and while that person, a close cousin, is still invited to the wedding, they have not truly reconciled, so it is tense.

I am conflicted between what I think she wants, which will be difficult to accomplish, and what I think is 'proper'. I am not financially able to spend hundreds of dollars on this and have already committed to a fairly expensive wedding gift as well as my wedding clothes as her bridesmaid.

Can you advise?

Thank you,


Our Thoughts

There are several options that you can choose in this situation. Based on what you have said, it doesn’t sound like a traditional bridal shower is the way to go.

What you could do instead is have a gathering of the wedding party and a few close friends in more of a "Girls Night Out" or even a "Girls Night In". The options are endless here.

One site that we love for ideas like this is Diva Girl Parties and Stuff. They have a lot of really great ideas that you can use for a situation like this.

The main idea is to have fun! Forget the stress and just have a fun gathering of the wedding party and a few close friends.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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