3 Answers To Your
Bridal Emergency Kit Questions

A bridal emergency kit may not be the first thing on your mind when planning your wedding, but it is definitely something you don't want to completely forget about.

You may run into a situation or two on your wedding day that will require certain items that you wouldn't normally have with you. While you can't be prepared for every hiccup that may occur, you can definitely be ready for some of the most common issues that tend to pop up.

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Here are answers to 3 common questions:

Why Do I Need a Bridal Emergency Kit?

Just imagine the perfect wedding day. The sun is shining, your friends and family are there with you and right before you walk down the isle you notice a huge spot on the front of your wedding dress.

Or, you suddenly realize that you forgot to put deodorant on. It may sound silly, but on your wedding day there will be a million things going on around you and this stuff does happen.

The unprepared bride suddenly starts to panic and worry about the spot showing up in photos or smelling really bad before she even gets to the reception. On the other hand, the prepared bride simply reaches for her bridal emergency kit, and a crisis is averted.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of having a low stress wedding day, you need to have an emergency kit. Otherwise you are inviting more stress and the possibility of something ruining your big day.

What Should Be In My Kit?

You want to have the essentials, like band aids, tissues, dental floss, safety pins, a mending kit, pain reliever and mints. A must have for removing stains on gowns (yes, including silk) are baby wipes. They work like magic.

Bottles of water and snacks are essential, especially in warm weather. Plan for not only you but also your wedding party as they might need a new button or some other last minute fix.

Where Do I Find The Right Kit For Me?

If you want create your kit yourself, find a medium-sized tote bag and fill it with all of the items you think you will need. Or, you can buy a pre-made kit that includes all of the essentials.

For example, the (shown below) from The Knot Wedding Shop contains a lot of very useful items in an easy to carry case.

Buying a kit that is ready to go will save you time and money, and it will be one less thing that you will have to organize for your wedding day. Even if the kit doesn't contain everything you need (like baby wipes for example) you can buy the one or two extra items and add it to your kit.

If you are working with a wedding planner, they should bring one with them when they arrive on your wedding day. Verify this with them, and make sure that it will be fully stocked.