Bridal Bouquet Ideas

My daughter is getting married in the spring. She is not a flower kind of girl. We are trying to come up with some cute ideas on what she could carry instead of flowers. Someone suggested a lollipop bouquet.

Our Thoughts

The one thing I would say is there is no rule that she has to carry a wedding bouquet at all. Instead, why not have you as parents take a hand and walk her down the isle during the ceremony?

If she does in fact want to carry something, I would suggest finding a gorgeous bridal purse or more traditional in Victorian times the bride carried a circle of vines, grape vines, with ribbon wrapped around it to signify a ring of eternity. Very simple, yet very elegant.

I do have to say though I LOVE the lollipop bouquet suggestion! Just make sure it is not too heavy or placed somewhere were it could melt. If it is truly her personality then why not? Let it shine through!


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