Birth Mother At Sons Wedding

by Diana

My son has a unique situation, and we're not sure how to handle it at his upcoming wedding. We had a very open adoption and he does have a relationship with his birth mother.

It's not a tremendously close relationship, but they do care for each other, call each other on special occasions, and visit every other year.

She and her family are invited to his wedding, and we're not quite sure about seating arrangements and corsages. Is she just considered to be a guest or something more?


Mother of the groom

Our Thoughts

Dear Diana,

I want to commend you on how amazingly honest you have been with your son and for taking the time to really think things out when it comes to the intricate relationships for his wedding event, bravo!

I truly believe that a corsage for your son's birth mother would be wonderful idea and it is a fairly inexpensive way to allow her to feel distinctive for the day. I would make sure that the corsage is different from what you will be wearing or carrying that day.

In regards to both the ceremony seating and the main reception seating, I think it would be something that you, your husband, your son and his birth mother should discuss openly.

With that said, in my professional opinion, though she is his birth mother and she gave him life, you are his mother and no one should be seated in the front row or the head family table except for you and your immediate family. The main key here is that everyone involved should be comfortable with whatever decision is made.

In the end, communication and honesty, as you know so well already, is the key to having a fantastic event. Enjoy!


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