Aunts Role In Nieces Wedding

My niece is getting married, and I am not sure what my role is in planning the wedding and also on her wedding day (I am her only Aunt)?

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During the planning of her wedding, your niece will need a lot of help. One of the best things that you can do as an Aunt is tell her that you would like to help, and ask her what you can do to help relieve some stress.

Ask her if there is anything that you can take off of her plate, like running an errand or calling wedding vendors for her. She will most likely have a long list of tasks to complete, and there are bound to be things that you can help with.

There really isn’t any etiquette or rules around an Aunt’s role in the planning of a niece’s wedding. It really depends on how close you are to her, her willingness to have you help and what support you are able to provide.

For the wedding day ask if there is anything you can help out with, like a last minute pick up of a tuxedo for a groomsman or dropping off her overnight bag at the hotel, for example.

Often we see Aunt’s participating in the wedding ceremony by reading a passage or other reading. This is a great way for you to be a part of the day, so ask her if this is something that you can do.

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Invited to Wedding not feeling welcome. NEW
by: Barbara M.

I am not close to my sister's family. Their Choice not mine. Oh I get the I love you and come for Christmas Dinner every year since mom Died. But, Everything is about her Marriage and Husband's side of the family. Nannie B. This Grandpa B. That. My sister did the key B.days for my mom. Never had her over Unless I was there to tend to her. At her eldest Daughter's wedding. I noticed my sister asked her friend to be in pictures and NOT her siblings. So I approached the bride...and asked may i take a picture of her Aunts and Uncle...with the bride and groom. She said reluctantly yes...with a "I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON"... THEN THEY TOOK OFF...FOR MORE PHOTOS.. i WANTED TO WATCH... when she got back I said where did you go to. MY NEICE THE BRIDE SAID... THAT TIME/PHOTOS WERE FOR US !!! VERY SARCASTICALLY (referring to whom she and her husband wanted...I gave her plenty of room to say no). I felt like crawling under a rock...all i wanted to do was watch... I had the picture I wanted to have them in with her MOM"s side of the Family (my sister)....I apologized...then my niece the BRIDE fakely said...oh don't over think it. See I am from a very ill physically,mentally and dysfunctional family. Her mom moved out at 17...I wish I had never gone to the wedding...but I didnt want to hurt her...she kept claiming she really wanted us there. I feel she only did this out of obligation. My Niece was Married in Ontario and the So called service was in Quebec across the river. It was pretty. I am glad I brought a camera. got a couple of shots but...I don't think their photographer was supposed to take pictures of us. Signed...Barbara M. Sad sad sister/Aunt.

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