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The How To Before I Do, Issue #004
June 22, 2008

The "How To Before I Do" Bridal Newsletter brought to you by Wedding Ideas Guide.

This newsletter was created to provide you with ideas and hints for planning your wedding.

Table of Contents

- What's New: Find out what's new this month at Wedding Ideas Guide.

- Tip of the Month: This month's wedding planning tip.

- Bridal Q & A: We answer your questions.

- Vendor Spotlight: A new vendor is featured every month.

- Feedback: Let us know how we are doing.

What's New

Over the past month the following new articles were posted at Wedding Ideas Guide:

Vineyard Wedding Theme - Add wine to your wedding.

Butterfly Wedding Themes - Perfect for a summer wedding.

Sunflower Wedding Theme - A fun late summer theme.

Princess Wedding Theme - Get married like a princess.

Wedding Color Themes - Pick the right color combination.

Black and White Wedding Themes - A classy choice.

Purple Wedding Flowers - Brighten up your wedding day.

Blue Wedding Flowers - Choose the right shade for your wedding.

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Tip of the Month

Reduce your wedding planning stress by doing a few important things. First, make sure you get sleep the week of your wedding. Second, make sure you are eating and drinking enough water leading up to your big day. Third, exercise to relieve stress.

While it may be easy to skip all of this stuff, one thing to remember is that a stressed out, tired bride does not look good in photos or on video. Take breaks from your wedding planning to take naps, or go for a long walk to get some fresh air and center yourself.

Bridal Q & A

This month's question is from Lorraine who writes:

"I have just fully furnished my home and am having a wedding rehearsal dinner at my home. I am concerned about serving red wine and wanted to get your input on serving white wine only along with beer and non-alcoholic beverages as well?"

Dear Lorraine,

It is totally understandable that you would like to protect the investment you just put into your home. There are many things other than red wine that you can serve.

White wine and beer are definitely acceptable. Depending on the menu you are serving you may have a wine connoisseur in the crowd that might challenge you on your selection, but it won't be the end of the world.

An additional option is to have a signature drink to go along with white wine and beer.

To your wedding! Danielle & Stephen

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Vendor Spotlight

The featured vendor for May is Respond Weddings. If you need help in finding reliable wedding vendors, check out Respond Weddings. The site offers reviews from real people about vendors and detailed descriptions of their services as well.

You can also fill out a form to receive more information from vendors that are in your local area.


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