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The How To Before I Do, Issue #002
April 22, 2008

The "How To Before I Do" Bridal Newsletter brought to you by Wedding Ideas Guide.

This newsletter was created to provide you with ideas and hints for planning your wedding.

Table of Contents

- What's New: Find out what's new this month at Wedding Ideas Guide.

- Tip of the Month: This month's wedding planning tip.

- Bridal Q & A: We answer your questions.

- Vendor Spotlight: A new vendor is featured every month.

- Feedback: Let us know how we are doing.

What's New

Over the past month the following new articles were posted at Wedding Ideas Guide:

Wedding Invitations - Ideas for wedding invitations.

Church Wedding Decorations - Decorate for your ceremony.

Spring Wedding Flowers - Choose flowers for your spring wedding.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Colorful options for summer.

Princess Wedding Invitations - Invitations for a princess-themed wedding.

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Tip of the Month

Make sure you read and understand all of your contracts before signing them. The last thing you want to find out a few weeks before your wedding is that your reception space can cancel your event for no reason or that your florist has the right to substitute carnations for roses.

If you don't understand a contract, it might be worth paying a wedding planner or lawyer to review it. The money spent may avoid a lot of problems later on.

Bridal Q & A

This month's question is from Alicia who writes:

"Hello. Quick question for you - is it proper etiquette to invite friends to the reception only? Our wedding venue is very small and can only accommodate so many guests - we would like to reserve these spaces for family mostly. Is this okay?"

Dear Alicia,

It is perfectly OK to invite people only to the reception. We suggest that you have two different invitations. One for those you would like to attend the ceremony, and one for the reception only guests.

This will help to avoid any awkward situations. For those that ask why they were only invited to the reception, simply explain that you could not fit everyone at the ceremony and there are many others just like them only attending the reception.

To your wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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Vendor Spotlight

The featured vendor for April is . is the leading online source for all things related to wedding favors.

They have a great selection for any theme or style of wedding. Enter coupon code TAKE25 to receive $25 off orders over $200.


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