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The How To Before I Do, Issue #003
May 16, 2008

The "How To Before I Do" Bridal Newsletter brought to you by Wedding Ideas Guide.

This newsletter was created to provide you with ideas and hints for planning your wedding.

Table of Contents

- What's New: Find out what's new this month at Wedding Ideas Guide.

- Tip of the Month: This month's wedding planning tip.

- Bridal Q & A: We answer your questions.

- Vendor Spotlight: A new vendor is featured every month.

- Feedback: Let us know how we are doing.

What's New

Over the past month the following new articles were posted at Wedding Ideas Guide:

Winter Wedding Flowers - Flower ideas for a winter wedding.

Fake Wedding Flowers - Pros and cons of silk wedding flowers.

Wedding Ceremony Idea - Ideas for your wedding ceremony.

Beach Wedding Ceremony - Tie the knot in the sand.

Used Wedding Dresses - Save some money by buying used.

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Tip of the Month

Use a baby wipe to get stains out of your wedding dress. Pack some with you on the day of your wedding, or if you hired a wedding planner they will have them in their emergency bag.

Bridal Q & A

This month's question is from Nikki who writes:

"I have watched many wedding shows where the future husband gives the future bride a gift before the wedding ceremony. It is so sweet and I think it helps relieve the nervousness of the bride. Do you have any creative ideas for gifts to give that I can share with my future brother in law?"

Dear Nikki,

Yes, it is traditionally a custom that the groom-to-be gives his future wife a gift on the day of the wedding. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should come from the heart and mean something to his bride.

Here are a few ideas to work with:

  • Flowers - Have them sent to the bridal suite while she is getting dressed with a special note.
  • Jewelry - Diamond earrings are nice, but choosing a locket or Tiffany charm bracelet that can be engraved is better.
  • From the heart - Writing a poem or a few paragraphs about how he felt the first time he met her is a nice sentimental touch.
  • Add photos - Maybe there is a photo from their first meeting or when they got engaged that can be framed and accompany his note to her.
  • Where they met - A memento or item from where they met can bring back great memories. This could be from a city, restaurant or other location.
  • Something random - It might not make sense to anyone else, but it might symbolize a funny or intimate moment they once shared together.
  • Honeymoon Hint - He can plan something for the honeymoon and write a hint about it in a note. Most resorts are happy to help with special requests, and it adds some mystery.

To your wedding! Danielle & Stephen

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Vendor Spotlight

The featured vendor for May is Arbor Day Foundation. A wedding favor that also helps the environment is a Gift Tree from the Arbor Day Foundation. Your guests can plant your gift to them and be reminded of your wedding day for years to come. You can also customize the labels for a personal touch.

Not only is this a unique idea, you can feel good that you won't be giving a favor away that will just be thrown away when your guests get home. Visit the Arbor Day Foundation for more information and to order trees for your wedding.


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