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The How To Before I Do, Issue #005
September 16, 2008

The "How To Before I Do" Bridal Newsletter brought to you by Wedding Ideas Guide.

This newsletter was created to provide you with ideas and hints for planning your wedding.

Table of Contents

- What's New: Find out what's new this month at Wedding Ideas Guide.

- Tip of the Month: This month's wedding planning tip.

- Bridal Q & A: We answer your questions.

- Vendor Spotlight: A new vendor is featured every month.

- Feedback: Let us know how we are doing.

What's New

Over the past month the following new articles were posted at Wedding Ideas Guide:

Wedding Invitation Kit - 3 Ideas To Help You.

Beach Wedding Invitations - 3 Tropical Wedding Ideas.

Printable Wedding Invitations - 9 Steps To Do It Yourself

Cocktail Wedding Reception - 7 Tips To Help You Plan

Vintage Wedding Invitations - 3 Classy Choices For Your Wedding

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Tip of the Month

Avoid using address labels for your wedding invitations, thank you notes and save the dates because it tends to be interpreted as being impersonal. Instead hand write them yourself or hire a calligrapher to write them for you.

Bridal Q & A

This month's question is from Chikita who writes:

"My husband, a musician, and I are attending the wedding of a fellow musician. My husband was also hired to perform with multiple music groups for the ceremony and reception. The other musicians have decided to offer their services, which would normally pay $300, gratis. Is a gift still required?"

Dear Chikita,

Offering your performances as a gift is a great idea. As you probably know, hiring a band can be quite expensive, so this will save the bride and groom a lot of money.

You should definitely give the couple a card stating something like "Please accept my performance as a gift to you on your wedding day". You can also buy them something small from their registry if you would like also, however it is not required.

To your wedding! Danielle & Stephen

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Vendor Spotlight

The featured vendor for September is The Knot Wedding Shop. Known as the industry leader, The Knot Wedding Shop knows what brides want.


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